Peer Editing Process through Wikispaces in Correcting L2 Students’ Writing


  • Amreet Kaur Jageer Singh Jageer Singh School of Languages, Literacies and Translation Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Raja Nor Safinas Raja Harun English Language and Literature Department Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris


Peer editing, wiki, error correction, second language (L2) writing


The paper aims to explain how the process of peer editing through Wikispaces helps in correcting second language (L2) students’ writing. Specifically, due to its feasible features, Wikispaces has been chosen as the platform for the peer editing process. Five types of common errors were focused in the students’ process of peer editing: grammar, spelling, word choice, punctuation and sentence structure. The participants were 25 Form Four students from a Smart school in Malaysia. They wrote two descriptive essays with an interval of a twoweek peer editing session respectively. Both students’ participation and progress were monitored via Wikispaces. Online writing records (students’ essays), observation form, questionnaire, feedback form and a reflective research diary were used for data collection. The primary findings from the field notes and students’ essays illustrated that peer editing through Wikispaces facilitate communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing and revision. The salient features of Wikispaces such as discussion forums, texteditor toolbar, autosave, reverting history logs and email notifications fully supported this outcome. In addition, based on the questionnaire and feedback form, the students also revealed their positive responses towards the peer editing activity through Wikispaces in correcting L2 students’ writing. This study implicates that students’ editing ability in writing can be enhanced with the support of peer  editing through Wikispaces. However, teacher support and scaffolding are necessary throughout the process to help the students when they encounter any problems.


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Jageer Singh, A. K. J. S., & Raja Harun, R. N. S. (2013). Peer Editing Process through Wikispaces in Correcting L2 Students’ Writing. AJELP: Asian Journal of English Language and Pedagogy, 1, 119–147. Retrieved from