Effects of Training on Teachers’ Job Performance in Nigeria's Public Secondary Schools


  • Shakirat Bola Ogunbayo Department of Education Management Law and Policy, Faculty of Education University of Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA
  • N Mhlanga Department of Education Management Law and Policy, Faculty of Education University of Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA




Training, Technical/Engineering Base Subjects, Teachers, Job Performance, Students


Training plays an essential role in enhancing teachers' job performance in technical/engineering-based subjects and improving students' academic performance. This study intends to investigate the effects of training on teachers’ job performance in teaching technical/engineering-based subjects in public secondary schools. A field survey was carried out among teachers in selected public secondary schools within Lagos Mainland Education District Lagos-State, Nigeria. A simple random sampling technique was employed for this study, and questionnaires were distributed to 200 schoolteachers within the selected public secondary schools. Pearson product-moment correlation and T-test statistics were used in analysing the data collected. The study's findings revealed that teachers' training in teaching technical/engineering-based subjects in secondary schools improves job performance and students’ academic performance. The study's findings also showed that the training for technical/engineering-based subjects teachers ensure increased recognition, promotion, higher pay, and a sense of personal satisfaction. The study concluded that government and educational stakeholders should organise and expose technical/engineering base subject teachers to different on-the-job training that will allow them to grow professionally.


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