Predicting School-Based Assessment Practice of Teachers in Senior Secondary Schools in Ijebu Division of Ogun State, Nigeria


  • Abiodun Adebowale Ojo University of Education, Ijagun, NIGERIA
  • Olufemi Abiodun Ajayi University of Education, Ijagun, NIGERIA
  • Falilat Ousola University of Education, Ijagun, NIGERIA



School-based assessment practice, SBA knowledge, Attitudes towards SBA, Predictors


The significance of school-based assessment is being undermined by inadequacies inherent in the process. Stakeholders’ efforts and research attempts at improving the situation have not yielded desired results. It was on this premise, the researchers sought to predict school-based assessment practice of senior secondary teachers from their SBA knowledge and attitudes towards SBA in Ijebu Division of Ogun State, Nigeria. Descriptive survey design was adopted. A sample of four hundred (n=400) teachers were selected as participants using simple random sampling techniques. The three instruments for data collection were Teachers Knowledge of Assessment Technique (r = .62), Teachers Attitudes towards SBA scale (r = .74) and School-Based Assessment Practice of Teachers Questionnaire (r = .69). The results indicated that both predictors account for 5.1% (R = .051; P<.05) of variance in the criterion. Only SBA knowledge in the hypothesized model was a significant predictor (B = .223; P<.05) of school-based assessment practice of teachers. Therefore, it was recommended that the government policy which prescribes that only professional teachers are retained in the profession be strictly enforced.


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