The Multi-Dimensional Core Component Dynamic Model of Evaluation


  • Muhammad Salim Tufail Malaysian Army Headquarters
  • Mohamed Amin Embi Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


evaluation, language programme, dimension, mixed-method, approach


The “Multi-Dimensional Core Component Dynamic Model” of evaluation was devised in a quest for an approach which could maximize the outcomes of an evaluation of an English language programme. This approach was employed in an evaluation of an adult English language programme in a training establishment in Malaysia. This evaluation was based on a mixed method design which focused on the three core programme components: the teachers, the students and the teaching material, and looked at the teaching and learning as the central process to which the evaluation contributed to. This was done by the use of multiple instruments which included interviews with teachers and students, students’ questionnaires, classroom observations, use of pretest and post-test results and a teaching material evaluation checklist. The use of these instruments facilitated the combination the summative-formative, product-process and quantitative-qualitative dimensions of this evaluation. This type of approach was devised based on recent developments in language programme evaluation approaches, as suggested by leading experts in the field. By using such an approach, the outcomes of the evaluation were maximised by incorporating and capitalising on the advantages of the different dimensions, which made the evaluative outcomes more holistic, accurate and meaningful by bringing together a broad range of different perspectives in giving a deep understanding of the complex, dynamic and diverse nature of a language programme in addition, the application of the principle of triangulation further enhanced the validity and reliability of this evaluation. The development of this model signified new directions and frontiers in the field of language programme evaluation by providing yet another evaluation model to the existing ones.




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