About the Journal

Journal of Research, Policy & Practice of Teachers & Teacher Education (JRPPTTE / ISSN 2232-0458 / eISSN 2550-1771) covers theory, research and practice that concerns teachers, teaching and teacher education. The journal serves as a platform to advance knowledge in teaching and teacher education across early childhood, primary, secondary and high education. It is a peer-reviewed journal aimed at publishing high quality research findings; analyses of key issues in educational policy, practice, management; developments; perspectives; and arising issues in all sub areas of teaching and teacher education. Although priority will be given to research which has generated a substantive result of importance for teachers and teacher educators, the journal will also allow theoretical and conceptual analyses, practitioners’ news, and reviews (both qualitative and quantitative syntheses) of high quality. It looks forward to articles from the Asia Pacific region as there are very few journals emanating from this region which looked at the challenges of teachers and teacher educators in what is the most diverse region of the world.
Papers should attempt to present research, innovative theoretical and/or practical insights with a focus on:

· Teaching as a profession
· Teaching effectiveness
· The pre-service and continuing education of teachers
· New ideas and innovative practices
· The professional development of teachers
· Social and policy contexts of teacher education
· Management of teachers and teacher education
· Contemporary technology use