Exploring PBL: An Action Research Project Among Pre-Service Teachers (100 - 109)


  • Sopia Md Yassin
  • Sadiah Baharom
  • Asmayati Yahaya


PBL, action research, pre-service teachers, problem-based learning


An action research project was designed to explore problem-based learning as an instructional approach in a pre-service physics education methods course. The main aim of this research is to immerse pre-service teachers in authentic learning experiences that would encourage them to adopt problem-based learning in teaching and learning. Data collection methods included feedback elicited from pre-service teachers’ reflective journals, field notes, and pre-service teacher-generated documents during teaching practice. The paper describes how pre-service teachers’ knowledge, understanding and classroom practice change as a result of their action research experiences. Implications for physics education are also addressed.


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Md Yassin, S., Baharom, S., & Yahaya, A. (2019). Exploring PBL: An Action Research Project Among Pre-Service Teachers (100 - 109). Jurnal Pendidikan Bitara UPSI, 3(1), 100–109. Retrieved from https://ojs.upsi.edu.my/index.php/JPB/article/view/2395