Development and Content Validation of Modular Textbook on Mathematics in the Modern World at Sorsogon State University, Sorsogon, Philippines


  • Franklin Calaminos Sorsogon State University – Magallanes Campus, Philippines



development, content validation, modular textbook, Mathematics in the Modern World


Modular textbooks are widely recognized as a valuable resource for teaching mathematics in schools and colleges. This descriptive-developmental research aimed to provide a research-based modular textbooks for course Mathematics in the Modern World. Difficulties encountered in mathematics by 100 Grade 11 students from three public secondary schools in Magallanes, Sorsogon  were identified along with the prescribed topics and competencies by CHEd as inputs on the development of the textbook. As a result, the developed textbook is consisting of 21 modules since 7 units of 3 lessons and each module is divided into 10 parts. Modules related to proofs, logic and functions as the top 3 difficult key concepts were given more emphasis in terms of examples and activities to be included. Five experts who are teachers that have experienced teaching MMW have evaluated the textbook in terms of design, format, and OBE alignment. It was found out that the textbook is very satisfactory with a weighted mean of 4.29 as assessed by the evaluators through the use of adopted instrument. With these findings, researchers and educators should consider developing modular textbooks that are tailored to the needs and interests of students, with a focus on enhancing their problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. The modular textbook should be extensively validated before they are used in classrooms, and that the validation process should be ongoing, with regular reevaluation and revision of the textbooks to ensure that they remain relevant and effective.


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