Modular Home-Based Instruction in Mathematics for Primary Grades During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Experiences of Parent-Teachers


  • Franklin Calaminos Sorsogon State University-Magallanes Campus, Magallanes, 4705 Sorsogon, Philippines



modular home-based instruction, pandemic, parent-teachers, primary grades


The key purpose of this research is to explore the experiences of the parent-teachers on teaching Mathematics of Grade 1 and 2 learners who undergone modular distance learning in Magallanes, Sorsogon. The descriptive qualitative research design was used to describe the experiences of parent-teachers in teaching Math with the use of modules; identify the strategies used to teach and manage learning; and determine the support provided by the school in teaching Math. Validated questionnaire and semi-structured interview were utilized to gather data from five parent-teachers who were in early adulthood, college graduate, employed, and spending at least thirty minutes in teaching their child. With the use of deductive approach of thematic analysis, the experiences of the parent teachers were categorized into learning environment and child’s motivation and attitude towards learning, instructional time and resources, content of the learning modules and being an effective teacher. As to the strategies used, the parent-teachers considered the child’s readiness for learning, classroom setup at home, use of instructional materials and techniques, and review of the previous lesson and reteaching. It was also found out that a teacher’s home visit and evaluation of student’s learning and conduct of meeting with the teacher were the support received by the parent-teachers.  The findings of this study may serve as basis for providing a comprehensive and inclusive education policies and as inputs on formulating strategic interventions on the implementation of modular distance learning.


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