Trend Luahan Tahunan di LembanganSungai Perak 1915-2006

Sungai Perak’s Catchment Yearly Discharge Trend 1915-2006


  • Mohmadisa Hashim
  • Wan Ruslan Ismail
  • Mohamad Suhaily Yusri Che Ngah
  • Nasir Nayan
  • Yazid Saleh
  • Zahid Mat Said


Discharge Trend, Water Resources, Sungai Perak Catchment


Characteristics of annual discharges is importance in the planning of the domesticwater supply of a drainage basin in the tropics. this research highlighted the annualdischarge changes that occur over time. Discharge data from six discharge stationsused to represent the upper, middle and bottom of the Perak River Basin. Descriptiveanalysis was used to examine trends and changes taking place in the total discharge.Study revealed that the trend changes either increase or decrease in the dischargestations. Local hydrometeorological factors and human activities such as deforestationfor logging, agriculture, establishment of industrial estates, housing and new townbecame a major contributor to the diversity of discharge characteristics and trends insub Kinta River Basin. the increment of discharges trend is associated with floodingand reduction of discharges may affect the availability of water supply within drainagebasins. Both of these aspects contribute to the degradation of water resources andcaused human discomfort within a drainage basin.


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Hashim, M., Ismail, W. R., Che Ngah, M. S. Y., Nayan, N., Saleh, Y., & Said, Z. M. (2011). Trend Luahan Tahunan di LembanganSungai Perak 1915-2006: Sungai Perak’s Catchment Yearly Discharge Trend 1915-2006. Perspektif Jurnal Sains Sosial Dan Kemanusiaan, 3(2), 53–63. Retrieved from

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