Impak Pembangunan Terhadap Kawasan Paya Bakau di Negeri Perak: Suatu Rangka Penyelidikan


  • Nasir Nayan
  • Jamaluddin Md Jahi
  • Abdul Latiff Mohamad


Landuse, mangrove forest, costal zone


Development will involve land use changes, either from the original land cover to a new land use or from secondary land use to a new land use. The rate of development that occurrs in the coastal zone mangrove forest is also high because of human perception that this kind of land use is useless and reclaimation is needed to be more profitable in term of economic value. Lately there is some awareness of the importance of mangrove forest that can protect human lives from catastrophies such as the tsunami 2004. Basically changes occured in these regions, but the questions are where, how extensive and what are the trends that took place from 1966 till now. The changes basically involve the physical elements such as in the atmosphere, biosphere, lithospehere and hidrophere system. It also involve the humans who make the changes. In this study, human perception and opinion towards land use and the earlier impact is also evaluated. This paper is an attempt to create a research conceptual framework, which can be used to conduct researches related to mangrove forest swamp land use changes, the physical changes and human opinions towards the changes that occur at any period of time.


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Nayan, N., Jahi, J. M., & Mohamad, A. L. (2010). Impak Pembangunan Terhadap Kawasan Paya Bakau di Negeri Perak: Suatu Rangka Penyelidikan. Perspektif Jurnal Sains Sosial Dan Kemanusiaan, 2(1), 64–83. Retrieved from

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