• Clare Suet Ching Chan Sultan Idris Education University, Tanjong Malim, Perak, MALAYSIA


The Malaysian Music Journal Volume 7 presents twelve articles involving issues on music education, composition, musicology, music therapy and interdisciplinary studies involving urban soundscapes. The first seven articles present current trajectories on music education in Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, United States and Malaysia. In ‘Exploring young children’s communication development throughthe soundbeam trigger modes in the holistic music educational approach for young children’ programme’, Liza Lee and Ho enlighten us on a music education programme in Taiwan known as the ‘Holistic Music Educational Approach for Young Children Programme’ (HMEAYC). This programme capitalises on the language of music to communicate knowledge and instructions. One of the activities in this programme utilises the soundbeam technology to enhance communication development among children including those with special needs. This technology aids special needs students in expressing their thoughts through musical sounds triggered from their limbs. Through qualitative and quantitative research, Lee and Ho showed that both mainstream and special needs children demonstrate achieved positive communication development through the use of the soundbeam technology. This research affirms the efficacy of therapy through music education.


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