• Clare Suet Ching Chan Sultan Idris Education University, Tanjong Malim, Perak, MALAYSIA


The Malaysian Music Journal presents two articles on ethnomusicology, one on music education and two on music composition in Volume 6, Number 2. In the first article, ‘Sounds, sources and meaning of turali (noseflute) music in Dusunic cultures in Sabah’, Jacqueline Pugh Kitingan compares the sound sources and inspiration to the melodies played on the turali (a nose flute) among the Kadazan Dusun of Tambunan, the Rungus of Kudat and the Lotud of Tuaran in Sabah. Sound sources vary according to culture and range from Kadazan Dusun mourning laments, Rungus ritual chants and Lotud secular songs. Her article examines the improvisatory skills and techniques utilised by these turali musicians in recreating the sounds from the original sources.


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