Peer Review Policy

The peer review process is to ensure that only good and quality manuscript is published with accurate science. All manuscripts are peer reviewed following the procedure outlined below.

1) Initial Manuscript Evaluation

The Editor evaluates all submitted manuscripts.

If the manuscript is very excellent, it is possible for a manuscript to be accepted at this stage.
The manuscript could be rejected at this stage if the content of the manuscript is not original, has serious inaccurate scientific data, has poor English writing, or is outside the aims and scope of the journal.
The manuscript that is accepted in this stage will be passed on to at least 2 experts for reviewing process.

2) Type of Peer Review

Double blind reviewing process, where both the reviewer/referee and author(s) remain anonymous throughout the process.

3) Reviewer Selection
Two reviewers are chosen based on their expertise that match with content of the manuscript.

4) Reviewer reports
Reviewer will evaluate the manuscript based on criteria defined below:

-Scientific methodology
-Follows appropriate ethical guidelines
-Present a clear results and discussion, which support the conclusions
-Accurate and adequate references cited in the manuscript.
-English language

The time required for the review process is estimated to be two to four weeks after the reviewer agree to review.

Should the reviewer’s reports contradict one another or a report is unnecessarily delayed, a further expert opinion will be sought.

If it is very difficult to find a second referee to review the manuscript, or when the one reviewer’s report is very convincing to the Editor, the decisions at this stage to accept, reject or ask the author for a revision will be made based on one reviewer’s report.

The Editor will then inform the decision to the author(s) with reviewer’s report.
If the decision is to revise the manuscript, the revised manuscripts will be returned to the initial reviewer for evaluation process.

5) Final Decision

The Editor will inform a final decision to accept or reject the manuscript to the author(s).
Author(s) will be notified about the Editorial decision within eight weeks from the date of manuscript receipt.