UPSI Students’ Perceptions on the Use of ICT in Learning: Comparison Between Knowledge Test and Task-based Test on ICT Competency


  • Haslina Hassan UPSI
  • Ramlah Mailok UPSI
  • Rasyidi Johan UPSI


ICT competency, perception test, knowledge test, task-based test


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of an important factor in developing and implementing effective ways in teaching and learning. As learning at higher learning institution becoming a challenging experience, students are required to acquire knowledge and skill in ICT. It could help them to engage actively in learning process and becomes motivated learner. This paper investigated students’ perceptions on using ICT in learning and evaluated their score on knowledge test and task-based test. The perceptions test is looking at how students perceived the usage of ICT in their learning process and; the knowledge and task-based test are used to identify their knowledge and skills score in ICT. Later knowledge tests data are compared with perceptions data to look at any similarity and differences. Both perceptions and knowledge test were developed based on seven knowledge constructs (ethical usage, communication, basic computer operation, personal management, information searching, software application skills and advance skills) while task-based tests focusing specifically on four software application skills. The data were collected among 59 students (year one) from seven faculties at Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI), Malaysia. The results showed that although majority of the students generally perceived themselves to be competent in ICT knowledge and skills; the knowledge test revealed that almost all knowledge construct score except personal management are equal and below than average. This indicated that majority of the students believed they had excelled required ICT knowledge but the knowledge test has proven that their existing ICT knowledge are below their expectations. However, the task-based test results show majority of the students have score more than average on the test and this indicated they are competent to perform basic application software skills.


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