Ketirisan Budaya: Dampak terhadap alam sekitar dan manusia

Cultural Deprivation: It’s impact on the environment and man


  • Katiman Rostam Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


cultural change, entropy, environmental degradation, social impacts, quality of life, new approaches


The present article aims to discuss cultural changes and their impacts on physical environment and human life today with special reference to Malaysia. Human culture as a way of life has undergone a rapid change since the last century and it’s impacts on the physical and human social environments have been nevitable. Entropy dan caring capacity of our physical environmental system has declined. Recently the risk has been shifted onto human social environment. Such a shift has been rapidly driven by the process of economic globalisation via k-economy in service 24 Ketirisan budaya: Dampak terhadap alam sekitar dan manusia sectors. Environmental and social degradation has now become a global issue. In Malaysia, these issues have become more apparent. Although the environmental impacts have now been steadily under control, nonetheless evidences are not complete and holistic. Generally, the nation’s physical environment, although is not critical, is endangered. Even more perturbing is the degradation of the social status of Malaysian society at a level that can be considered as critical. The quality of life of people of this country has been declining as a result of the prevailing incidences of crime, moral decay and collapse of family institutions. Opportunity to reinstate the nation’s culture is always open. However, trajectory of success is very much dependent upon acceptance of the society of the new developmental approach which is based on the practice of environmental and cultural appreciations. The new generations need to be raised upon a healthy human culture which are capable of supporting and realizing the approach.


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Author Biography

Katiman Rostam, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Pusat Pengajian Sosial, Pembangunan dan Persekitaran, Fakuti Sains Sosial & Kemanusiaan, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia




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