Technology Enhancements for Spectacular Elements in Mak Yong Productions at Istana Budaya


  • Norzizi Zulkafli Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia



artistic visual, Istana Budaya, mak yong, modernity, traditional Malay theatre


Istana Budaya, the Malaysian National Theatre, took the initiative to preserve and maintain the traditional art form of Mak Yong when it was banned by the Muslim Pan Islamic Party (PAS) in Kelantan, its place of origin. This action ensured that Mak Yong would survive outside of Kelantan. In 2003, Istana Budaya staged its first production that involved contemporary technology, making it unique and modern. On the other hand, Mak Yong is also considered a theatre of imagination that focuses on the relationship between the actors and the spectators. Until 2019, Istana Budaya had produced eight Mak Yong productions with its unique artistic vision in creating performances that connected with the space and engaged with Malaysians. This article examines the visuality of these Mak Yong productions and discusses their crucial role in sustaining this traditional theatre.


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