Perkembangan Pembanterasan Rasuah di Indonesia

The Development of the Corruption Eradication in Indonesia


  • Afriadi Sanusi Universiti Malaya


issue, development, corruption, eradication, Indonesia


This article examines the development of corruption eradication in Indonesia. It explains how the history of fighting corruption since the old order, the new order and the reform era. Like the philosophy indicates that the experience is a wise teacher, study such as this is useful for academic use and stakeholders. This is a qualitative study that collects data through a variety of literature review method, historical method and content analysis of primary sources, including books, journals and articles in the official report of the Indonesian government. The study has found that the Indonesia governemt has employ various ways in fighting corruption. Every leader has his own path in fighting corruption. The researchers suggest that corruption eradication in Indonesia is carried out continuously without breaking the chain of corruption of the previous order but only overcome the weaknesses of the past.


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Author Biography

Afriadi Sanusi, Universiti Malaya

Jabatan Sains Politik Islam, Akademi Pengajian Islam




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