Metodologi Penulisan Teks Hadith

The Methodology of Writing Hadith Text


  • Mohd Ikhwan Zolkapli Kolej Universiti Islam Sultan Azlan Shah
  • Mohamad Rizal M. N Kolej Universiti Islam Sultan Azlan Shah


Prophetic Traditions, Chain of narrations, Content of Prophetic Traditions, Retrieval of the Prophetic Traditions, Sciences of Hadith


Hadith is the secondary source of Islamic law after the Quran. Scholars from the early days of Islam paid a great attention on matters related to hadith (prophetic tradition) such as narration, collection, writing, understanding the meaning as well as classification of hadith. This article will discuss about the methodology of writing hadith according to the sciences of hadith. There are three main elements in hadith's writing namely (i) chain of narration (sanad), (ii) content of hadith (matan) and (iii) retrieval of the hadith from its source (takhrij) and its rules. The objectives of this article are to provide guidance to whoever wants to include hadith in his/her writings so that it will preserve the authenticity of the hadith according to the standards laid out by the scholars.


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