Pendidikan Luar di Malaysia

Outdoor Education in Malaysia


  • Md Amin Md Taff
  • Shamsor Nahar Mohd Yaakob


Outdoor education, Malaysia


Outdoor education can be defined as systematic experiential learning method in the outdoors which utilizes risks and adventure as a medium of holistic development. Since 1922, outdoor education has gained popularity as a medium of alternative learning in Malaysian educational system. However, there is no article published to discuss the development of this unique educational field. As a result, the historical development of outdoor education in Malaysia is unclear. This paper discusses the development of outdoor education in Malaysia from the establishment of Sultan Idris Teachers College to the present. In addition, this paper also discusses recent issues in Malaysian outdoor educational practices.


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Md Taff, M. A., & Mohd Yaakob, S. N. (2010). Pendidikan Luar di Malaysia: Outdoor Education in Malaysia. Perspektif Jurnal Sains Sosial Dan Kemanusiaan, 2(2), 61–73. Retrieved from