Konsep Insan Moral Menurut Acuan Malaysia


  • Noor Hisham Md Nawi


Ethical values, moral values, Malaysian education


Malaysia has a clear vision to build a society which possesses unique identity based on ethics system and good values. Realizing the background of Malaysia as a multicultural country, conceptualization of morally educated person is not an easy task. This essay tries to promote the concept of morally educated person by referring to the philosophical framework of moral and ethics according to the Malaysian mould. The development of the framework considers critically all crucial pillars in the country such as eternal principles from teachings of main religions, local community cultures and values, global humanity values dan current world development. The concept of morally educated person is built based on three components; religion, moral and ethics philosophy, and integrated human concept. These three components together will produce a morally educated person model according to Malaysian mould which consists of content, form and dimension. This effort is hoped would be able to enrich discussion about morally educated person concept according to Malaysian perspective.


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