The Perception of E-Commerce Employees on the Challenges of Utilising E-Commerce and Its Impact on Business Stability in Malaysia


  • Abdussallam Muslimat Tinuke Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia



E-commerce, Business employees, Challenges, Business Stability, Malaysia


Electronic commerce which is commonly known as E-commerce refers to the purchasing and selling of goods and services, as well as the transmission of payments and data, over an electronic network, most commonly the Internet. As e-commerce has its booming and glorious side, the business owners who put their business on the various e-commerce platforms face some issues that cause a few setbacks for the business owner in their quest to attain good business stability. Therefore, the present study aims to identify the various issues that are faced by e-commerce business owners in Malaysia, that cause various setbacks in their businesses. A set of questionnaires was distributed to 70 e-commerce employees in Malaysia through a non-probability, convenient sampling method. Findings show that e-commerce has impacted the business sectors in Malaysia.


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