“Yes, I want to be a teacher”:

Exploring how male student teachers negotiate their professional identity as future teacher


  • Bahijah Abas Faculty of Management and Economics, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris


higher education, male student teacher, professional identity, social influence


Teaching profession is perceived as a female domain as it is dominated by female teachers. This study aims to explore why male student choose teacher education programme at higher education, and how social context influence the development of professional identity as future teacher particularly during teaching training. Data collected from focus group discussions with nine male student teachers during their teaching practise at three secondary schools in the state of Perak. Data were transcribed verbatim, and thematic analysis was used to identify the main themes on social influence and professional identity male student teachers tried to negotiate. Findings suggest that male student teachers motivated to embark in teacher education programme as a result of peer influence. During commencement in teacher education programme, majority of student teachers were influenced by group pressure in order to comply and conform with teaching profession. Results also showed that the majority of male student teachers perceived themselves as „parent and friend to school pupil‟.


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