The Effectiveness of Literature Circles on ESL Students’ Comprehension of a Graphic Novel (11 - 22)

  • Ho Lai Ying
Keywords: literature circles, graphic novel, comprehension


This study explores the effectiveness of implementing literature circles to assist a group of ESL students to comprehend a graphic novel. Data were gathered from direct observation, interviews and transcripts of literature circles. The data obtained from the direct observation showed that the students participated actively in literature circles to comprehend the graphic novel. Besides, the data gathered from the transcripts of literature circles revealed that the students connected their responses with their personal values and experiences. Data collected from the transcripts of literature circles showed that the students made interpretations when they discussed the illustrations in the graphic novel. To gather data on the students’ perceptions of literature circles, evidence from the interviews showed that literature circles enhanced the students’ interaction, motivation and responsibility. Students also had the opportunities to share their personal responses in literature circles and this improved their comprehension of the story. These findings suggest teachers to implement literature circles to teach literature in ESL classroom for students to achieve comprehension.